Why we fund games:

We want more sustainable, independent, and diverse game studios in the Netherlands. We believe successful games enable that. And we think we can help teams build successful games with funding, experience, and business connections.

The Dutch game industry has very few platforms for successful game developers to reinvest in other members of our industry. We don't think we are the all-in-one solution for all game funding, but an important part of a healthy ecosystem nonetheless.

We believe to be an attractive funding option for game studios looking for early stage funding, development funding, marketing funding, and finishing funds. The terms of our agreement are developer-friendly so the risks of the investment are with the investors. As it should be.

If we fund your game, we want it to make money for both our sakes. Should your game do exceedingly well, you should profit from that first and foremost, and we aim to earn enough so we can reinvest in more games.

And last but not least: we want pitching to be easy. And so, we accept pitches in a copy / paste / fill format.