How to pitch to us:

To send us your pitch, you have two options. You can email us a pitch deck or pitch document that includes the data below. Or you can copy / paste / fill the data below (in Dutch or English) and email that to us. Either way, we may get back to you to try the game or ask for additional info.

Game title: [title]

Funding needed: [amount in Euros]

Team members and roles:
[name (roles), etc]

Game pitch:
[one sentence]

Business plan:
[one paragraph with platforms, price, partners, etc]

Marketing plan:
[one paragraph with channels, events, partners, etc]

Team website: [link]

Gameplay video of current version: [link]

Visuals, mockups, concept art, etc: [link]

Budget overview: [link]

Email your pitch to: Click to reveal…